The Eagle on the Coin  (1950)





Clem Anderson (1960)

Widely recognized as R.V. Cassill’s masterpiece, Clem Anderson is the story of an author whose astonishing talents are outmatched only by his capacity for self-destruction. Arrogant, untrustworthy, moody, and narcissistic, Clem Anderson is also a brilliant artist capable of astonishing feats of alchemy: with his pen, real life is magically transformed into the stuff of great literature. But the rising tide of literary success is dangerous ground for a personality as unstable as Anderson’s, and when he dies at the age of forty, alone and disgraced, it is up to his few remaining friends to pick up the pieces.

“The best novel I know of on the subject of writing, or on the condition of being a writer.” – Richard Yates

"A brilliand satirical study as well as a masterful piece of comedy.  There is running commentary on the whole post-war generation that gives the story a unifying resonance rare in most novels . . . Cassill is a master at showing us how.  it is this fascinating how that makes Clem Anderson a major novel."
New York Times Book Review

"The best of the 1961 novels I have read.  Clem Anderson deserves the National Book Award."  -- Los Angeles Times

"Clem Anderson is that much-cited and seldom-seen phenomenon: a major novel."  -- Atlanta Journal & Constitution

"A massive, significant work . . . a gifted novelist."  -- Chicago Tribune

"Vivid, soaring - by any stardards this is a notable novel."  --  Saturday Review Syndicate






Pretty Leslie (1963)

Beautiful, intelligent, and charming, Leslie Daniels is the wife of a successful Illinois physician. To her friends and family, she is happily living the American dream. But there is a hidden side to Leslie, a side propelled by lust and unsettling impulses that run completely counter to her comfortable Midwestern routine.

“Here is the substance of great tragedy…Pretty Leslie is one of the most outstanding novels of the year.” — Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"In many ways an American Madame Bovary, Pretty Leslie is a novel of unusual power.  Mr Cassill establishes himself as an observer of rare trenchancy.  His intelligence is tough; his grasp of character is breathtaking and his prose is always a delight.  Pretty Leslie is a jolting, disturbing book -- its revelation of the darkenss within will make some readers cringe, but it stamps Mr. Cassill as a writer of the first rank."
New York Times Book Review




The President (1964)  




La Vie Passionée of Rodney Buckthorne:

A Tale of the Great American's Last Rally and Curious Death  (1968)





Doctor Cobb's Game  (1969)

Based on the outrageous events of England's Profumo Affair, R.V. Cassill’s bestselling novel is an unforgettable story of a lust powerful enough to topple a nation.

“A daring, enormously sexy book on themes of occult power, leadership and carnal love.” — Newsweek

“His best book.” — New York Times

“Besides his skill with characters, Cassill is remarkably adroit at capturing moods—domestic, supernatural, and, of course, psychosexual. I know of only two writers who rival him in this respect. Their names are D. H. Lawrence and Norman Mailer.” — John Leonard, The New York Times Book Review




The Goss Women  (1974)  




Hoyt's Child  (1976)





Labors of Love  (1980)

Cassill has come up with sunken treasure again - it's wise, witty, beautifully crafted, full of tears and gutsy laughter."
-- James Dickey, Author of Deliverance

"There is tremendous vitality in this novel - in its volatile characters, its swift pacing, and its sharp evocation of nature. 
R.V. Cassill has written something rare and powerful."
-- Richard Yates, Author of Revolutionary Road

"A fast and funny novel...perfect entertainment."
-- The Boston Globe




Flame  (1980)  



After Goliath  (1985)  



The Unknown Soldier  (1991)  



The Man Who Bought Magnitogorsk  




Jack Horner in Love and War (2015)















Short Story Collections


15 x 3  (1957)  (with Herbert Gold and James B. Hall)




The Father and Other Stories  (1965)  



The Happy Marriage and Other Stories  (1965)  



Three Stories  (1982)  



Patrimonies  (1988)  



Collected Stories  (1989)  




The General Said "Nuts"  (1955)




Writing Fiction  (1975)  



In an Iron Time: Statements and Reiterations: Essays  (1967)  



Intro 1-3  (1968–1970)  (editor)  



Intro 4  (1972)  (editor, with Walton Beacham)  



R.V. Cassill 'Festschrift' (special edition of December Magazine 1981)  



Norton Anthology of Short Fiction  (1978–2001)  (editor)  



Norton Anthology of Contemporary Fiction  (1998)  (editor with Joyce Carol Oates)  



    Italy and Greece: Watercolors by R.V. Cassill  



The Art of R.V. Cassill  



Paperback Novels